Biggest Brown I’ve Ever Caught!

Chris Williams of MS, with his biggest ever brown trout, caught with guide Kevin Brandtonies.

There are a host of things that can go into a great day on the water, or just one. Somehow I think Chris Williams biggest brown trout was just the icing on a great day with guide Kevin Brandtonies.

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Thanks for the kind words Chris


Good Day Gentlemen

   I wanted to take a minute to express my thanks for a great day fishing. Kevin was the perfect choice. Low pressure ,easy going ,friendly and especially knowledgeable. A short lesson on the bank for the wife, who had cast maybe 10-15 times in our yard, gave her a better understanding . Plus her watching me cast wrong helped ( bad form, bad habits).
   Off we go. My wife Debbie , hooked a decent rainbow almost right away. Got it to the boat , hopefully she is hooked. I followed suit a few minutes later. Kevin, Debbie and I all watched as a trout came from under the boat and made a beeline to the Root Beer Midge dropper on my line, had to be 30 feet.
Bam! Landed a 13 inch Cutthroat . Unfortunately while we did manage to catch some fish, no one on the river seemed to be catching many ,just one of those days. Guess it is why it is called Fly Fishing and not Fly Catching.
However, Up by the state park , I did hook a very nice Brown ! Kevin’s instructions for getting the fish into the net were perfect. Saw the Brown swing to the fly set the hook , perfect hook set, down he went ,up river.
Swing wide fish ,down river pulling the boat with 4wt and 4x tippet. Right side and out again ,left side …10 minutes to get him close.  Almost! One more run. OK not a monster but a very nice 19 1/2″ Brown.
  Thank you ! Biggest brown I’ve ever caught .
     Chris Williams
Red Banks MS