The flooding has rendered our bass creeks unfishable for the moment, but water levels are dropping fast and these flood events present only a temporary delay in the smallmouth season.

If you have a guide trip booked with us on Buffalo River or Crooked Creek in the next 10 days, you can expect to either go trout fishing on Bull Shoals Tailwater of the White River (which is in fine condition in its upper portion), or you can reschedule your smallmouth trip. Our best guess is that the smallmouth streams will be in good shape again within 2 weeks, but of course that depends on how much more rainfall we receive.

If your smallmouth trip is scheduled more than 10 days from now, it would be best to wait a week and then contact us.  If you would like to fish Crooked Creek or Buffalo and have not yet booked a trip, or if you want to reschedule an upcoming trip, it would be wise to schedule the trip after Mother’s Day – in other words, the later half of May and any time in June.

High Flows on Crooked Creek and the Buffalo River has the Buffalo City Carpark underwater Sunday : Steve Dally image