Back To Work On The White

Guillermo Badino from Argentina scores with a trophy brown trout below Bull Shoals yesterday _ image from guide Ben Levin

It’s actually a little shocking to be sitting here with the White River in great shape despite the flood carnage around us.

The White River is clean and fishable from Bull Shoals Dam to Cotter and from midnight to 10 am will offer wadeable water with one unit operating, the rest of the day from one to 2 units. From the reports we are getting out of the River authorities the flood gates will not be needed on Bull Shoals unless there is another major rain event. The big concrete wall is doing its job.

Ben Levin and Chad Johnson were on the Upper White today catching brown trout and rainbows. Ben recorded 7 browns landed, others hooked and lost and the big one went 23″. We have guides available throughout May & June, call 870 435 6166 to get hold of some of this action.

But when our guides headed to the river this morning, we were all thinking about our friends and colleagues on the White and North Fork of the White/Norfork Tailwater.

Flood gate releases from Table Rock Dam and Norfork Dam have their tailwaters out of action in the short term, though Norfork releases are on the way down. But its the North Fork of the White above Norfork Lake in Missouri, that copped the worst, a huge effort is going to be needed to rebuild roads, bridges, resorts and homes along the river which topped historic levels.

Our problems seem relatively minor: Crooked Creek and the Buffalo remain high and unfloatable, and the bridge over Hightower Creek on Denton Ferry Road was washed out, creating problems if you want to access Wildcat Shoals, the Narrows, Three Chutes or any of the many homes and accomodation places north of Hightower Creek.

The best access is to head onto Arkansas Hwy 126 (between Midway and Gassville) and turn left on County Road 9 at Monkey Run, which will connect you to Denton Ferry Road at the north end. Take care descending the steep hill down to the river.

Another gorgeous White River brown trout: Ben Levin image