AGFC Urges Caution Downstream of Cotter

From Christy Graham AGFC Trout Biologist

Hello Folks,

As you all probably know, the rain we received over the weekend has impacted a number of AGFC facilities ondp the White and North  Fork of the White Rivers.   The Corps is currently using flood surcharge operations at Beaver Dam, Table Rock Dam, and Norfork Dam.  All three of those reservoirs are near or exceeding the top of their flood pool elevations.

They are using a combination of turbines and spillway gates at all three lakes to evacuate the water.  Total releases are 52,000 cfs (cubic feet per second) at Beaver, 52,500 cfs at Table Rock, and 29,600 cfs at Norfork.  For reference, one turbine at full generation produces close to 3,000 cfs.

AGFC access areas on the White and North Fork of the White (Norfork) Rivers will also be impacted by the Buffalo River and Crooked Creek flooding that occurred over the weekend.

I would advise anyone putting in or taking out at access areas from Cotter-downstream on the White to use caution.  There is a lot of large debris from the flood currently floating down the river.

Once the water levels drop, I expect debris to be found all around the access areas.  As soon as waters go down, the AGFC will work to assess damages and arrange repairs and clean-ups.  Please use caution while fishing at these accesses after the flood and especially while boating.  Again, large debris, including logs, rootwads, and boulders will have been displaced by the flood waters and your ability to see them in the water may be limited.  I strongly encourage life jackets!

I’ll keep you informed of any updates and let me know if you have any questions.  For more information, visit the Little Rock District Corp of Engineers website:



Christy Graham

AGFC Trout Biologist Supervisor