T-Bird Needs Our Help


Teresa “T-Bird” Van Winkle has been part of the fabric around this place for the past decade.

Fly tier, conversationalist, animal lover, conservationist, fly fisher, and friend T-Bird supplied the multitides of Davy Wotton flies which went through our fly bins and into your boxes and then the lips of trout.

You might have seen one of her videos on our YouTube Channel, met her at a tying class, a Sowbug or Conclave, or those days she jumped off the farm to tie in our shop, while Davy was on the river. To many she was “the lady who tied with those fingernails”, a carryover from her previous career as a nail artist.

Now she faces a tough fight and she needs our help, after a debilitating stroke, a long rehab ahead and mounting health care bills

Emily Whitlock has started a GoFundMe account for donations, as a starting point.

“Teresa needs our help! She has recently suffered a stroke, as far as the doctors know right now.  She is still undergoing tests but at this point she is numb on her left side, has severe headaches and body pain, gets confused while talking part of the time – and worst of all,  can’t use her hands to tie flies, which is how she earns her living.

The doctors can’t say yet if she will completely recover, but what we do know is that there are $30,000 in doctor and hospital bills so far, and Teresa has no health insurance.

Let’s all join in and help this wonderful, loving lady get through this without owing health bills for the rest of her life.

Please share this.  THANKS!” Emily Whitlock