Buy Your AGFC Licence Online


THE AGFC’S new online fishing and hunting license system is up and running with a minimum of fuss.

I’d been holding off all week to get mine Saturday, and to be honest I was expecting more teething problems. In fact the reception for the new system by our customers, who are largely from interstate, has been overwhelmingly positive.

Most are choosing to use their own smartphone. But we also walked a couple through the system on the larger screen of the tablet we have set up for customer use. If you are having issues we can help out, with Wi-Fi and advice.

Start off by going to the AGFC Online Sales site. Next you will be offered a search panel if you  are an existing customer _ it uses your date of birth, last name and either drivers licence or social security number, or pick the new customer button at the bottom if you are a first time visitor.

From this point on its a matter of verifying your information (name &address etc) or entering them. Pick an email you have access to on your phone. Don’t forget to select your fishing license AND trout stamp.

Once you have paid for the licence with your credit card in the usual manner then you will be sent a PDF file of your licence to the email you selected pretty much immediately. You are also given the option to print you can download a copy of your licence to the device you are working on, and then sent to a printer.

Now you can print as many copies as you want at home, carry one in your phone (it’s legal).

And if you need more guidance swing on by and we can talk you through the process, either on your phone or on the tablet we have set up down on the tying desk, if you are more comfortable on a bigger screen.

There was already a trend for more of our customers to buy their licences online. And with Arkansas deciding to allow images of licences on electronic devices to be legal tender it became one of the key reasons we opted not to continue to sell licence, and not to go the the expense and space demands of the new AGFC system. Noone wants a licence for a watersport printed out on ordinary printer paper particularly a whole sheet of 11″ x 8.5″ which even folded up bulks up your wallet.