AGFC Licences No Longer Available Here

AS of Saturday Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher is no longer an outlet for Arkansas Game and Fish Licences.

There were some heavily furrowed brows over this one as we have become the go to for a bunch of resorts, basically we were the fastest licence operation in the area. At times it seemed our core customers were taking a backseat to licence sales. Now with the State requiring dealers to buy their own computer/printer/data setup for only a nominal increase in fees, we opted out: and we aren’t the only one’s.

We have already seen a significant increase in online licence buying among our customers, something we expect to increase dramatically now Arkansas is allowing fishers to carry their licence on their phone.

Once we get a look at the new licence system Saturday we will be able to start incorporating it into our online presence: guide bookings, our app and on our blog here, as part of our service to y’all.

We are going to be happy to point you in the right direction this weekend, via your smartphone,  or one of our shop devices.

Click for current link for online licence purchases