COME along to the Fly Shop Saturday with your favorite fly rod, or perhaps one not so favorite for the extremely popular Sage & RIO Rod Tuneup Program.

The Rod Tuneup Program is part of our celebration of the 20th Anniversary Sowbug Roundup later this week.

Darin and Alex, our regional Sage, RIO and Redington reps will be on site to suggest the best line combo for your rod, and you can test them head to head against your own preferences.

If you want a more delicate opresentation of your caddis dries, or better turnover of heavy nymphing flies and indicators, or even better bite detection when you are swinging buggers then RIO has a line to do the job better. You can also cast the new range os amazing Sage X rods.

The Sage crew will be at Sowbug Thursday and Friday, but conducting the tuneup session at our Fly Shop Saturday.

We have a whole bunch of special events scheduled for this year’s Sowbug:

  • STOP BY OUR Cotter HQ or our booth at the Sowbug Roundup and sign up for a chance of winning  a Yeti Flip 12 and Sidekick combo, valued at over $300. Read More.
  • We are offering Umpqua’s new Cooler-Gator for $39.99 ($30.00 off) and the Umpqua Fly Badge for $9.99 ($10 off) ONLY at our Sowbug Roundup Booth. Read More
  • Buy $100 in Fishpond Products Thursday Friday or Saturday at our Cotter Store and you receive a free Fishpond Headgate Tippet Dispenser or Fishpond Hat.
  • Buy an Umpqua Zero Sweep pack, sling or bag at our fly shop and receive an Umpqua medium waterproof fly box free.
  • Dally’s Head Guide Chad Johnson will give a class at 1pm Saturday on Fishing The Fly, all about better presentation  once the line is on the water.
  • 2pm Saturday Steve is giving a class on SmallBore Streamer Fishing: streamer fishing for everyone.
  • We also have donated a couple of great Special Raffle prizes for the Sowbug including an Outcast Commander inflatable boat and a Simms wader package.

Make sure you come and see us