Jeff Scores


Jeff Jackson has been a fixture at Temple Fork Outfitters for a bunch of years, including regularly appearing at our major shows, but often stuck driving in and out without being able to fish. So he started making his own time to fish with Chad and this year it really paid off. And couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, Awesome buddy.

“Jeff Jackson from TFO has been coming to fish with me for the Streamer season for a couple of years now and it was really nice to be able to experience Jeff’s first two footer on the white river system (NFR) with me on streamers 🙂

What a great 3 days we experienced many different situations: We caught fish using Dave Whitlock’s wet fly technique; We caught fish nymphing; We caught fish on dry flies and we caught fish on Streamers.Wow does it get any better!

Thanks Jeff ” The Ninja ” Jackson and friend Dennis Burns for being well rounded anglers and getting it done !” Chad Johnson