Umpqua Sowbug Roundup Specials

sowbug special 1

WE ARE super-stoked to be able to offer this amazing Sowbug Roundup Special with Umpqua Feather Merchants for this year’s 20th Anniversary SowBug Roundup.

We will be offering $30 off the regular retail price on Umpqua’s awesome new Cooler-Gator ZS Organizer and $10 off the Umpqua Fly Badge.

The Cooler-Gator ZS is going to become the essential accessory for anyone running a Yeti Cooler in their Riverboats or Drift Boats on our waterways. Read more here about how the Cooler-Gator will change your fishing life. And ask us how to go about rigging these permanently or takedown style on your Yeti hard or soft side cooler.

This special will only be available at our booth at the Sowbug Roundup.

We have been working on putting together an awesome package for the anniversary event.

We have already unveiled our Yeti Flip 12 giveaway, and Darin and Alex are bringing the Sage & Rio rod tuneup program back to the shop on Saturday. Plus Chad and Steve will be giving classes, we have helped with a donation of a Simms wader and boot package.

And that just what we are doing. There are awesome programs, c lasses, a record number of tyers, which is the heart of the Sowbug. Don’t miss this one.sowbug special fp