Norfork Siphon-Temporary Suspension


A statement from the AGFC today

Good morning,

I received a notification this morning from Little Rock Corps of Engineers personnel about a deviation from normal minimum flow operation at Norfork Tailwater:

The water level in Norfork Lake is currently at an elevation of 547 feet.  As of Thursday afternoon, the Corps of Engineers will suspend using the siphon to generate minimum flow.  At this lake level, the siphon could be damaged with continuous use as it is not able to maintain a prime at this low water level.

Until the lake level rises again, they will be using one of the generators for minimum flow when water is not being generated for hydropower.  Therefore, when fishing on Norfork Tailwater, you will not see the siphon spraying water.  In the past, using a turbine to produce minimum flow satisfied the wetted perimeter requirements and produced similar water levels downstream as the siphon release produced.

The Corps of Engineers Little Rock District will also be posting notices about this situation on their district Facebook page and their water control data page.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I will keep you posted on any updates.



Christy Graham

AGFC Trout Biologist Supervisor