Rich Strolis “What I did on Vacation”

Connecticut fly designer Rich Strolis getting some White River love _ Steve Dally image

“I learned a long time ago to never put expectations on a fishing trip, simply expect the worse and hope for the best but always have an open mind and be willing to adapt to whatever mother nature throws at you”: Rich Strolis _ Catching Shadows blog

If you got to meet, fish or yarn with Rich Strolis over the Streamer Lovefest weekend, his first trip to the White,  you will enjoy his blog post on his “winter vakay”, to Florida and Arkansas for the Streamer Lovefest.

Both Chad and I enjoyed fishing Rich a bunch, alongside our old friend and supplier Mike Schmidt. Having these two in the boat together, S & S, is truly a circus and a very funny time. Enjoy his post (part 2 is coming) and check out some of his patterns on his site.