Spot The Difference

Top: 8-19-14. Bottom: 1-17-14 _ Steve Dally images


GABE LEVIN is half a world away from big flies, big rods and White River brown trout, but he’s still paying attention.

In a sidenote to a work email Gabe suggested I did out a picture I took of a 27″ brown he caught while I rowed in 2014 and compare it to Alan Broyhill’s fish of the same size he caught with me on Friday.

Gabe knew these photos were taken less than 50 yards apart, and interestingly adjacent to a heavily fished and very popular hole for all tackle types. Gabe wanted me to check out the spot patterns on both fish.

I have to say the two fish are pretty dang close, particularly the distinctive and uncommon spot pattern on the mandible, but there are some differences along the belly as well.

We remarked in 2014 that the fish was slender, athletic but not hefty,  particularly in the video shot at the time and featured at the end of this link. But Davy Wotton’s comments that this fish looked to be ageing and losing condition could well be right.

Here is the original images

Gabe Levin August  2014


Alan Broyhill: February 2017