The Streamer Lovefest getting underway _ image by Mike Schmidt


ANOTHER awesome night, they just seem to keep getting better and better, and how can we ever top it next year.

Saturday night’s Streamer Lovefest was ridiculous, with streamer addicts coming in from all over the country: Montana, Virginia, Connecticut, Florida Michigan and even outside thanks to the pair of Canadians who turned up for the second year running.

We went through over 20 gallons of chilli from the Warrior Station Cafe in Cotter, which worked out to around 300 odd servings, all sponsored of course by long term partners the Shawnee Supreme Boat Company.

Brad Clark scored the MFC waterproof boat box LOADED with streamers tied on the night (and some extras), Dave Cornue took home the Yeti Tundra 50 Cooler and James Summerville won the Duane Hada original brown trout painted on the night. I lost my note for the names of the winners of the Redington rod and reel outfit the Costa sunglasses which rounded out our big prize draw.

The schwag bags were once again awesome with our vendors setting up an awesome bunch of stuff to take home from Yeti, Simms, MFC, Airflo, Buff, Rio, Sage, Flymen Fishing Co, Renzetti, Wapsi, Loon. Thank you too all.

Even the fishing turned on this year with some quality White River brown trout appearing on Thursday and Friday for those on the water.

North Carolina tier Alan Broyhill scored his best ever brown trout on Friday with a 27″ big headed gator Chris Willen, Chris Franzen and the roadtripping duo of Michael Schmidt and Rich Strolis also picked up some sweet butter.And it wasn’t just the tiers, plenty of visitors scored browns as well.

The images are scattered all over social media, if you want to go searching use #streamerlovefest. This year the social media was huge, people preparing for the trip, people fishing, people live catching fish or from the Lovefest. I’d love to say I was able to thank you all individually but the quantity and quality of posts is a little overwhelming.

So thank you t everyone who rolled in, its the passion and good humor that keeps our tiers coming back. Y’all make this one of the most fun events around. We have to thank the tiers too: who come down here on the vague promise of potential fishing (you know how the water flows work) and donate their time, energy and skills.Y’all are a huge part of this event and we thank you a bunch: particularly Chad Johnson and Alex Lafkas

Finally there is the Dally’s crew who have to put up with the boss’ weird ideas on top of their normal load. Its a bunch more work and headaches for all. But without Jim and Brenda Dugan, and the staff Bill Thorne, Michael Schraeder, Faye Clarke, Tiffany Johnson Michael Junior, Phil Womack, Johnathon Murray and Sara Thorne.

Thanks and roll on 2018.