ROB WILLIAMS is one of the unsung heros behind the success of our Streamer Lovefest, just offering up huge amounts of support every year.

Rob’s the owner of Shawnee Supreme Boat Company, at Midway and has a lot of our guide team in his rigs. I think it was year two Rob was driving past as the Lovefest was getting underway, and figured something fishy bringing that many people to Cotter in February was something worth being involved with.

Every year since Rob has sponsored the food, which this year has chilli on the menu from Nathan at Warrior Station Cafe in Cotter Last year the food was prepared was another of our friend’s KT’s BBQ in Gassville, who took over from Matt Tucker and his St Louis crew of smoked meat gurus.

Rob is also our local YETI dealer, another company who have really backed the event, with raffle and door prizes. More news on that next week. The major prize will be a Montana Fly Company waterproof streamer box loaded with every fly tied on the night by our 14 tiers.

The list of tiers is our best ever with Kelly Galloup, Mike Schmidt, Rich Strolis, Chad Johnson, Alex Lafkas, Chris Willen, Chris Franzen, Brian Wise, Jeff Trigg, Alan Broyhill, Dave Hise, Matt Bennett, Justin Cowley and Steve Dally. Click for more details on the tiers

Doors will open for the 2017 Lovefest at 6.30pm January 28, with our best ever line up of fly tyers, awesome eats and killer schwag from our key vendors including Sage, Rio, Simms, Umpqua, TFO, Flymen, Hareline, Whiting, Renzetti, Orvis, Wapsi, Airflo, Loon, and more.