The Yellowstone: Field & Stream Report


The Yellowstone is America’s river, and one of the truly great rivers of the world. How we treat it, respect it, use it, is a metaphor for how we view our nation and ourselves.

And that is pretty scary. Because for the past two decades, we’ve been treating the Yellowstone River like a third-world ditch. We’ve been asking everything from it, and giving nothing back: Hal Herring in Field and


Field & Stream is America’s outdoor magazine, the authority on hunting, fishing and the places we visit. So a major 3-part piece on the state of the Yellowstone River, triggered by this summer’s closure of the river, carries a gravitas and cross demographic appeal not found in many other publications.

Read the parts here:

Our Battered Yellowstone

Strangling the Yellowstone

The Yellowstone River vs. Oil