Dally’s Fly Fishing Report: 1-11-17

Robin with a sampling of White River Butter out with Alex Lafkas this week. Lafkas images


In the latest edition of Fly Fisherman magazine, there is an article by Jay Zimmerman titled “Ghetto Bass”. In the article, Jay makes suggestions on how to successfully scout out and fish bodies of water that are located within urban/suburban areas.
Coming from a town that sat halfway between San Antonio and Austin, Texas, I can relate to being limited to fishing in an urban setting. While our ‘Home Waters’ might not have been the most picturesque, we still managed to catch our share of ‘quality’ fish.
In my opinion, the thing that sets fly fishermen apart, is that whether we’re chasing pond bass with a booby frog (yes, that’s really what it’s called), or Mongolian taimen with a 16” black T-Bone streamer, it’s our unique yet similar qualities that allow us to be part of such a special brotherhood.
-Michael Jr.

Chip scores on a nice brown with Alex this week


White River:
Due to the lack of precipitation and mild temperatures, we have seen a decrease in flows this week, rarely reaching more than 13,000 cfs. We’ve seen windows of wadeable water at or a little above minimum flow (between 700- 1400 cfs), but mostly between 2,000 and 4,000 cfs.
Wade fisherman can continue to expect to do well with both nymphs and small streamers with the minimum to one unit flows we have been seeing.
Midges (ruby, rootbeer, & diamond in size 18), pheasant tails (in sizes 14, 16, & 18), devil jigs (red and copper in sizes 14 & 16).
Also, try throwing a Strollis Quill Body Jig (size 14) by itself or in combination with a colorful attractor fly such as a Y2K or Keller’s Hot Worm.
Depending upon the amount of rain our area receives over the next few days, should determine the kind of flows we will be seeing in the near future. So try throwing sculpin imitations such as large olive woolly buggers, FS Bunny Sculpins, and cdc pine squirrel zonkers.
Smaller streamers like CJ’s Mega Minnow, Dally’s Twerkin Minnow, Schmidt’s Viking Midge, and Galloup’s Circus Peanut will continue to be productive.


During those times when wadeable water (which have typically been in the early morning and afternoon) is available nymph fisherman can expect to do well with Garrett’s Purple Death (size 18), Clint’s Sunday Special (sizes 16 and 18), midges (root beer and black & purple zebra in sizes 16 & 18), pheasant tails (size 16 & 18), hunchback scuds (size 16 & 18), and tailwater sowbugs (sizes 16 and 18).
Slump Busters, Cone Head Woolies, and other small weighted streamers stripped slowly over the bottom have also been productive in higher flows.