The Streamer Chronicles: Alex Lafkas


WE had been waiting for this one, perhaps our favorite among the Streamer Chronicles our bud Brian Wise has filmed so far.

In part I think its because its Lafkas, our fast talking, irrepressible Yankee mate, who Brian captured so well, both his style and the thought processes that make him, well Lafkas.

Alex is truly one of the fishiest people I know and always entertaining with it. Brian’s video is as close as you can get to a day in a drift boat with Lafkas and Mississippi Johnson.  It was Alex who in a very real sense ignited the whole streamer game. It was Alex who dragged out a monster streamer when the regular stuff wouldn’t work his first trips to the White.

He inspired Johnson and myself, the Levin brothers and Bill Thorne, to put in hours on the river, figuring this place out, and the adrenaline level always goes up when Alex arrives in January. Every year he has pushed us outside our comfort zones, wantign to know these fish better.

So enjoy with video from Brian and get some water time with my friend Alex Lafkas.