April Vokey Podcasts

Summer 2009, April & Colby enjoying water-time on the White _Steve Dally image
I’ve been meaning to post up something on April Vokey’s podcast series for a while. First off she’s a friend, a fly fisher I’ve enjoyed water time with, a fellow crazy.
Ape has fought the stereotype of being a “gorgeous face with a fly rod” over a serious professional since she came to prominence as a guide & tyer. Over the past 2 years she has packed some awesome interviews into her podcast series which is deserved of a serious reputation.
I was interest in this month’s interview with Dr Andy Danylchuk on “keep ‘Em Wet” studies on releaseing fish. But then I started running down the list of other interviews and its solid, including several heros.
If you were a fishy kid in the 80s Rod Harrison and his protege Dean Butler were the guys you wanted to be. Getting to travel to kool locations, catch huge fish all for a few stories and photos, these two were at the forefront of fishing media at the time.
Peter Morse brought fishing and high class images and video to tv a little later, including some fly fishing, and he remains one of the great fly fishing photographers. All these are on the list and more.

Click here to listen to the Podcast and while you are there look at some of the other topics