Cotter …. Arkansas Life

Steve on the River _ Arshia Khan image for Arkansas Life

And I start reeling in with my left hand and I pull on the line and pull on it and pull on it until it happens: I have caught a fish. I am hollering and squealing and laughing and it’s the greatest most natural high I’ve felt in I don’t remember how long _ Heather Steadham, in Cotter for Arkansas Life

Arkansas Life is one of those glossy lifestyle magazines that its all to easy to walk past anymore, and that’s a mistake.

Editor Katie Bridges and her team are turning out exceptional work, like the River Guides piece on Gabe and Ben Levin. Last month I got to spend time with two very talented women: first Heather, the writer, and then Arshia, the photographer.

Weirdly for one who has spent much of his working life behind the keyboard or the viewfinder, this time I was the subject _ exploring my hometown, which for me at least, whose lifeblood is that gorgeous, mysterious, infinitely changeable watershed we inhabit.

Heather and Arshia did an awesome job capturing and illustrating the things that first drew and now hold me here.

So if you haven’t seen it before buy a copy of Arkansas Life, subscribe, or get their online subscription. I’d like to think we can still have magazines or sites, that support great journalism and great photography (or video), and tell stories about who we are, where we aspire to be and what sort of fun we can have getting there.

Just one pic of me is enough