WE are really excited to have a great list of classes for January: Johnson; Schmidt and Strolis is a pretty impressive lineup.

The Streamer Lovefest on the evening of January 28 is all about the fun but we also open it up so you can learn from the best in our streamer fishing and tying classes

We open up with our mate Chad Johnson, head guide, Umpqua Fly designer and Simms guide Ambassador for his class on castable “Streamer Design” on January 15.

Chad’s class will cover tying the CJ’s Sluggo, plus some newer innovations, the Big Johnson

During the fishing hours on January 28, two of the best known commercial streamer tyers Michael Schmidt and Rich Strolis will hold tying classes on their own patterns.

This is the Ginger Viking, Michael Schmidt’s third Lovefest and his streamers have been a huge part of our streamer bins and have pulled some of the biggest fish on the shop walls.

Rich Strolis, is a guide and commercial tyer from Connecticutt, whose schedule has kept him off the Lovefest Playlist until now. Rich is a Montana Fly Co fly designer whose patterns are coming into our bins. His first book  Catching Shadows: Tying Flies For The Toughest Fish and Strategies for Fishing Them will be released next month.

Seats are limited in all 3 classes so due to the high demand, booking fees are non-refundable. However in the event that last minute issues are for every attendee we will try to sell your tickets to our overrun list. If the ticket is purchased by another participant, then we will offer a refund.

Ring the store on 870 435 6166, with a credit card to secure your spot. Participants need to be experienced tyers, and bring a vise (light if needed), tools and thread.


CHAD JOHNSON STREAMER DESIGN: January 15 8am to 12pm. $50:

Tying castable flies such as CJ’s Big Johnson & CJ’s Sluggo. How to choose materials, along with material placement. Materials provided.







RICH STROLIS: January 28 1pm to 4pm $50.

Realistic Baitfish, Masked Avenger and  Mini-Articulated Headbanger Sculpin. Materials provided.






MICHAEL SCHMIDT: January 28: 9am to 12. $50.

Viking Midge mini, Maraceiver, Super Smolt.Materials Provided.