Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 11-11-16



BACK IN THE DAY we used to trek barefoot through 4′ of snow up and down Rim Shoals Hill to go fish, before breakfast in November.

Ok so there way be a touch of exaggeration, but I do remember when November used to be cold, particularly in the late afternoon, when it seemed the drop of the sun low in the skirt, meant add a jacket and look for the caddis coming off.

There are a few caddis out there, the tan 18s that you almost had to chew your way through rowing down the Cotter bluff. And there have been some sparse baetis sightings, enough to make you look for more but not enough to spark any serious surface feeding.

Even with it being flip-flop weather, and more is expected for at least the next week, there are way less people on the water in November, something that is particularly noticeable after the rush of October.

A little calm, a little solitude, and a modicum of peace is a pretty nice way to spend a day.

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WHITE RIVER: After a couple of months of reliable water flows, it was a bit of a sock to the system to see some power demand related bumps this week. Arriving at the ramp to be greeted by an unexpected day of minimum flow was an equal shock.

The lesson is don’t assume, just check the flows. It appears our App partner might be making headway on getting Apple products back on line. So hold tight and check our website water flow page before you have to run out and buy an Android (which are still working).

Midge pupa, Rubys, Rootbeers and Rednecks, plus the Wotton Super Midges, are working well, when fished behind heavier patterns, Pheasant Tails, Devil Jigs, Sunday SPecials and the like. Try smaller Sunday Specials later in the afternoon if you start seeing caddis, and Micro Mayflies in black are a good baetis imitation.

NORFORK: Minimum flow for the weekend ahead . Good wade fishing can be had in the shoals where the water is more oxygenated. An egg pattern or San Juan Worm makes a nice colorful attractor in the stained water to help the fish find a more subtle offering like a Root Beer Midge, Hunchback Scud, or a Hare’s Ear soft hackle. A half unit or more in the afternoon is best fished with more of the same, only a little deeper and heavier. Try a Jigged CDC Pheasant Tail, Tungsten Sunday Special, or other heavy nymph to catch fish and help sink your egg or worm attractor.