Trout regulations proposed for Greers Ferry Tailwater

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AGFC is considering removing slot limits for trout on Greers Ferry Tailwater in a bid to protect medium to larger size fish.

However, harvest rates of small brown trout have not increased over the last 20 years and are currently very low (6-8%).  Rainbow trout harvest rates have also decreased over the last 20 plus years, from 75% to only 20%.  The overall lack of harvest has caused an increase in the numbers of both Rainbow and Brown Trout in the 8-16 inch size range and we have failed to see improvements in the overall size structures of the trout populations.

There is an online survey to collect public comments.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Trout Management Program came forward at the Commission’s Oct. 13 meeting with a list of proposed trout-fishing regulations concerning the Greers Ferry Tailwater. A public survey has been placed online to gather comments before the regulations are presented for approval during the Commission’s next regular meeting, Nov. 17.
Earlier this year, the Trout Management Program held a series of public meetings to revisit and revise the Greers Ferry Tailwater Management Plan. The plan calls for a regular review period including public involvement to ensure that the fishery is being managed with the expectations of the angling public in mind.
The following regulations changes are being presented for public comment:
• Replace 16- to 24-inch protected slot limit for all trout species on Greers Ferry Tailwater with a five fish per day limit where only one may be over 16 inches.
• Enact a no-culling rule for all trout species on Greers Ferry Tailwater.
• Allow mobility-impaired anglers to fish downstream of wooden vehicle bridge in JFK Park.
• Convert the JFK and Mossy Special Regulations Areas into year-round catch-and-release areas.
• Convert the Cow Shoals Seasonal Catch-and-Release Area into a year-round catch-and-release area.
• Clarify the sunset/sunrise times for Cow Shoals Catch-and-Release Area.
An explanation of each regulation is available on the public comment survey available here. (Click 2017 Trout Fishing Regulations Public Comments to start).
The survey will be available until Nov. 12.