Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 10/13/16

Jack Curtis hoists a new “PB” 26″ brown from the White, Brock Dixon guiding.

As always, the weather and water conditions are different every week around here. It seems that Autumn made some serious advances this past week, but then daytime highs have still reached well into the 80s more than once, so summer has not been defeated just yet. The prepared angler needs a variety of clothing and gear to be ready for whatever the White River system throws. Could be cold and foggy and hot and sunny on the same day.  Could be looking at 2,500cfs in the morning and 15,000cfs in the afternoon. Could throw double nymph, hopper-dropper, and heavy streamer all in the same day. Just looking at the pictures in this week’s report, one can see the amazing potential the White River System holds for both quality and variety of fish. The rest of 2016 is filling up fast on the guide calendars. Book now for great fall fishing this November.

The boys from KC, Richard and Dick, enjoying stout Norfork ‘bows with guide Gabe Levin.
Dale Sullivan and John Barney enjoying Norfork’s diversity with this fine cutthroat.


White River:

Expect one unit flows all day and sometimes a heavy push up to 15,000cfs or more in the afternoon. Hopper-dropper is still producing as much or more than anything, with Jakes Trigger Belly or Chubby Chernobyls floating on top and Devil Jigs, Pheasant Tail Jigs, or Copper Johns searching underneath. For an effective double nymph setup under a strike indicator, use these same nymphs and trail a Ruby, Root Beer, Redneck, or Wotton Super midge. The high flows late in the day provide an opportunity to hunt a trophy with both large terrestrials (think big black Fat Albert or Juicy Bug) and large streamers (Schidt’s Double Deceiver, Johnson’s Sluggo, Dally’s Twerking Minnow).

Norfork River:

The ‘Fork is fishing in fine form for the most part. Weekends can get crowded, and some days a burp of low oxygenated water comes through the turbines, slowing the fishing significantly. But on good days the river is offering up consistent 14-16″ rainbows and cutthroats, and the occasional 18-20″ fish. That kind of quality makes for a really fun day even if the total count is somewhat less than what’s possible on the White. A variety of flies are working well, but most guides are drifting egg patterns trailed by a midge (Root Beer, Ruby, Wotton Super) or Hunchback Scud.