Twerking On Taimen

Dave Wiseman with his first Taimen, on a Twerking Minnow _ Dave Wiseman image

DAVE Wiseman has been a regular on the water with us since late 2012, and a streamer disciple.

Since his “semi” retirement Dave has been going on those trips you earn oveer a lifetime, though though the one that was relevant here is his third trip to the wilds of Kamchatka. This year Dave wanted to add a Taimen, on top of those mouse and streamer eating Rainbows.

He ordered a few bugs from our streamer bins, including the 6″ version of the Twerking Minnow. How could I resist whipping out a couple of 9″ Taimen-sized bugs, tied with for the stresses and strains for a voracious, predatory salmonid which growns longer than your leg.

My only stipulation was I wanted pictures.

Here is  Dave’s reply.


Hello Steve,

Just returned from 3 weeks in Russia and thought I would check in. The Rainbow fishing on the Ozernaya in Kamchatka was crazy good this year. We were blessed with abundant sunshine, completely different from rains of last year, and this led to “mousing” about 90% of the time. The Trout fishing was even better than last year with most everyone in our small group averaging around 20 fish a day with many over 20″. I had 2-4 fish in the 25″ class every day.


Gave the Twerking Minnow a test in the last half hour of last day on the River. Three 20″+ fish in half an hour makes it a “must have” for next year. Pictured above  is Cody Wagner, Head Guide with “Best of Kamchatka” holding one of the fish.

Dave Wiseman image

The Taimen fishing in Khaborovsk was much more challenging due to heavy rains and logistics issues. We were not able to do an exploratory float on the small river, reported to have large Taimen due to numerous log jams on the River.

Jay Homola with his Taimen on a Twerking Minnow .  He asked to borrow the fly after watching Dave get eats. _ Sarah Barclay image. Sarah also provided the header image for this post.

Made a change on the fly to go to the Uda River system that has Taimen but not the larger ones we were hoping to see. Fishing was tough but I hooked 3 and landed 2 Taimen in the 30-36″ range. The “Taiman-sized” Twerking Minnow accounted for all my fish and one of the other of the 7 landed by the group.

The two 9″ Twerking Minnows before Dave got them all fishy _and lost the top one to Jay. Steve Dally image

Thank you for the flies and I am looking forward to getting down to White with you this Winter to chase some biguns!!