The River Guides: Arkansas Life

The Levin Brothers at home in the Ozarks. Photo Arshia Khan for Arkansas Life Magazine


Ben and Gabe live in a cabin …. about a three-hour drive northwest from the Little Mulberry. Although they occasionally guide together, most of the time they work alone. When I asked them whether they’d ever felt competitive when it came to fly-fishing, they both laughed, looked at each other and said, “No, not really.”

Alice Driver, The River Guides: Arkansas Life Magazine

Good writing deserves its own space, in print or on the interwebs, and the time to read and respect it. It’s hard to find in the age of tweets and blogs and character limits, but its out there, and I seem to be finding it more lately, or perhaps I’m just taking the time to look.

Alice Driver, grew up on a dirt road not far from our own Ben and Gabe Levin, and now lives and works as a writer in DC. This spring she returned home to learn to fly fish with the Levins, and wrote about the experience in Arkansas Life. Alice you had me at the following quote: the brothers are still that way.

We roved the Ozark valley far and wide, a gang of semiferal children with wild hair and stained shirts who, collectively, could eat any of our parents out of house and home in less than five minutes.

Take the time, make time, and enjoy the read