Don’t Miss Out On Your RIO Sinking Line



IF you are coming to the White River this winter to hunt the brown trout of a lifetime, jump onboard our early buying of RIO sinking lines, to make sure you aren’t leftup the White without a line.

RIO’s premium streamer lines, the Intouch Outbound Short and Intouch Striper lines, have been incredibly hard to find in February in recent years. For 2016/17 we have stocked up, but to make sure get your lines now. There is already a backlog for heavy striper lines (300 gr & 350 gr).

We will throw in a 2′ heavy butt section and a 3′ 15lb tippet, to protect the tip looks and have you ready to roll. Free shipping.

Buy Your RIO Outbound Short here

We are also holding stocks of 250gr RIO Intouch Striper, and RIO Intouch 24′ Sink Tip. Call 870 435 6166