Johnson’s Mega Minnow

Minnow School

In all the excitement and chatter on the articulated streamers, doubles, triples and multi-shank, the humble single gets over looked. A well-designed and constructed single hook streamer has more subtlety, easier casting on lighter rods and can often draw the pickier fish.

Dally’s head guide and Umpqua fly designer Chad Johnson has been tying, fishing, testing and refining his Mega Minnow series for a few years. And now we are really stoked to have these flies locally tied to Chad’s exacting specifications.

The Mega Minnow is a multi-species baitfish pattern, fish it for trout, any of the bass species, stripers and hybrids in salt of fresh.

What I had in mind when I designed CJ’s Mega Minnow fly is that we all know how great of a fly the deceiver is, so I wanted to add a little more action and the optics to the deceiver to hit more triggers. Obviously action is good & the added optics seem to really trigger your temperate bass species as well as other fish. Chad Johnson

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