Streamer Chronicles Trailer


I had a rough idea that I wanted to do a Streamer Documentary of some kind for a while now, I just never really knew exactly what I wanted it to be.  Talking with a few close friends it hit me that we have only seen small glimpses into the minds of some of these guys that all of us streamer-obsessed people follow with baited breath.  I always knew what drove me in this fast-paced, crazy, borderline masochistic style of fishing, but I wanted to know what drove THE guys/gals that everyone knows _ Brian Wise, Fly Fishing The Ozarks.

Watching the Streamer Chronicles conception and gestation has been pretty damn cool. I’ve known Brian Wise, the guide, film maker, streamer junkie for a bunch of years, we bought the same DSLR cameras a few months apart.

Brian focused on video , I worked at stills, but the cross-over points were many and he was a huge source of advice when I started filming. Brian’s streamer tying series was ground breaking, frequently copied and extremely popular. As he says in the article about the Streamer Chronicles the tying series honed his craft.

Knowing Brian, knowing the level of talent there, I wanted to see what he could come up with on a project _ for a while I hoped it was going to be the project that became Chasing The Donkey _but the logistics didn’t fall into place on that.

Now Brian has his project, The Streamer Chronicles, the result is awesome. He has interviewed some of the best in the game, Galloup, Lafkas, Schmidt, and more to come, each player opening up in a way you haven’t seen before, what drives them to fish, and the way they fish.

Starting October, one a month, don’t miss it.