Dally’s Fly Fishing Report: 7-29-16


IT’S perhaps stating the obvious, but its pretty hard to catch a trout without a fly in the water.

Life, the universe and everything often seem to conspire to keep us from the water, even when you live close at hand. The longer the stint between drinks, so to speak, and the urge to fish gets over taken by the the idea that now you deserve something epic, that just going fishing isn’t enough.

Now comes the question “is it worth the effort”,or will it be too hot/cold/windy/sunny/cloudy/will the fish be biting? The real answer is just go fishing, of course.

evening-6I think I could watch the tension draining out of Elizabeth’s shoulders last weekend. E is a good friend of the Levin brother and Bec and myself, but has come to know all the crew over the years. She remains a fishing crazy, a drive all night, sleep in the truck for a few hours fishing type. But motherhood and her own business has kept her busy the past couple of years.

Bec, Gabe and myself got to take her out last weekend _the heat index was ridiculous, but we had all seen enough air conditioners. And it feels so much cooler when you get on the river.

Bec and E caught browns, we roamed the river, and we broke the need to fish.

Sometimes it’s the first step that is the hardest.


WHITE RIVER: It seems like we have cracked the back of the heatwave for a week or so anyway, and the fishing has been very good. The White is in beautiful shape, one born on the river bank guide friend says its the best shape he has seen the river in for 20 years. The spring moss has gone, the limestone is bright and clear and the water is gin clear.

The low water fishing has been exceptional. Some really strong hefty rainbow in great nick being picked up and hefty numbers. Favored patterns are red midges Rubies, Super Midges or even regular Zebra, slung behind Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, Sunday Specials or Micro Mayflies.

The hopper fishing has been decent as the water rises, thought he big afternoon pushes can be dirty. Fat Albert’s, Trigger Bellies, Juicy Bugs and Western Ladies are all pulling fish.

The streamer bite on the highest of flows continues to draw fish, Double Deceivers, Twerking Minnows, Sluggos, Viking Midges and Barely Legals are worth pitching.

NORFORK TAILWATER:  The Princess of Tailwaters has been at her temperamental best this week, a score of fly fishers proclaiming the best fishing they have had, the next batch a day later say its the toughest.

Being able to get away from the accesses helps, and so does adapting to the higher flow rates for minimum flow.

The midge hatches seem to be solid, run Ruby midges, Harvester Midges, Rainbow Warriors, and Psycho Midges behind Sunday Specials or Copper Johns’s. Soft Hackles are another favorite at this time of year: Tailwater Soft Hackles, in Yellow, Orange or Red.