Kamchatka Steelhead Project


For fly fishers, though, the California-sized scimitar of land just west of Alaska is an exotic utopia, where trout feed on rodents and salmon swarm like that old timer tells you they used to do here. But Kamchatka is home to another mysterious population of giant fish, the mere mention of which is enough to pump adrenaline through the veins of an extra-crunchy subculture of devotees, myself among them. In Russian, the fish is called syomga. In English, steelhead.  Ryan Petersen, Yeti Stories


Anytime I hear Felt Soul Media‘s name come up I know its going to be something worth watching, similarly Yeti are backing great film makers and great projects. Beautifully shot and well told, enjoy this one. And if you have time go read Ryan Petersen’s background article. And get your Yeti stuff from Rob and Co at Shawnee Supreme Boats in Midway