Amazing Capture


AMAZING catch by Larry Shackelford, from Fayetteville, of this 25″ brown trout at Bull Shoals last weekend.

Brown trout in this class are a tough catch anytime, even more so when you are trying to manage your own watercraft, harder still when you need to paddle. Awesome job and a gorgeous fish

I was fortunate to catch this 25″ brown on Saturday while kayaking Bull Shoals tailwater on a PT nymph. After a quick measurement and pic the fish was released with a smile.

I would like to join the club! Thanks for your consideration.

Larry Shackelford

The Club Larry was referring to was of course our Two-Foot Club, for captures of White River or Norfork Tailwater brown trout over 24″ on streamers or dry flies. Yep, I was the one that wrote the rules in the first place and didn’t take into account the added merit/degree of difficulty of fish like this from a kayak.

But after pondering it, I thought it unfair to others who had caught 24″ fish on nymphs etc in the past to hand over our 2-foot club sticker _sorry mate.

So in this instance Larry is going to get one of our new Logo DeYoung Arkansas stickers for a great fish.