Last Weekend: Lee Reddmann Report

Nice report from a regular Lee Reddmann, good to see him back and enjoying some brown trout love after a little hiatus. 

Lee Reddmann, with his brown and fine headgear


My buddy Casey and Larry Anderson made it up to the White last weekend.  I have heard a lot about Larry, but had yet to meet him. After spending a day on the water with him, he confirmed that he is a great fisherman and great dude.

They managed to get out on the water a day before my arrival.  Larry managed a nice brown on a medium sized streamer. 

I don’t get out on the water much these days, but Casey volunteered to man the oars and Larry was kind enough to let me take the front seat.  I dedicated myself to fishing the hopper.  I had 3 misses with in about the first 30 minutes, due to my lack of attention.  It slowed a bit, but I managed a 20 incher a few hours later.  

It was a tad bit early, but I am sure any day now hopper fish are going to be flowing into your inbox.  
Hope all is well,

Lee Reddmann