A Better Loop Knot?


I’ve never been a knot geek, more a creature of habit, finding knots that I like, that work and sticking to them. But I’d never been a loop knot fan.

To Lafkas and Johnson this was more confirmation of southern hemisphere weirdness.  Adding the Twerking Minnow to my streamer collection, meant accepting, albeit grudgingly, that I needed a good loop knot.

And this one, I stumbled across today has promise, plus it comes bearing the name of legendary tarpon guide Steve Huff, so this knot has made its bones in one of the hardest clubs of all. But like any knot, until you can tie it right, every time, with fish slimed hands, and your prey feeding in front of you, its nothing but hot air: noth beats practice.

If you don’t know who Huff is, or just want a great read on the “greatest fishing guide”, check out Monte Burke’s great profile here.

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  • i’m a knot geek and proud of it ! 😆
    this one looks great, i’ll be trying it out both at home and on the water soon. thanks.

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