TU Cutthroat Egg Planting : Postponed



Now Postponed, see latest Blog post.


OUR local White River TU Chapter #698, is seeking volunteers to help out its planting Bonneville Cutthroat trout eggs in the White and Norfork over the next couple of weeks.

Eggs will be planted at Rim Shoals on June 4 and at Mill Pond on Norfork on June 11.
Chapter #698 made a commitment to plant 50,000 eggs a year for a minimum of 5 years (and probably more), in the Norfork Tailwater and White Rivers. So far 250,000 eggs have been distributed in the Norfork Tailwater and 100,000 in the White in an attempt to start a wild strain of fish in the tailwaters, alongside the AGFC stockings of rainbows, browns, brook trout and finespot Cutthroat.

Members have been buoyed by photos of up to 10″ Bonneville coming out of Norfork in particular.

Egg Planting on White River
Rim Shoals AGFC boat ramp
Saturday June 4th – 7:00AM
We expect to finish no later than noon.

Egg Planting on North Fork River
Mill Pond on River Ridge Road
Saturday June 11th – 7:00AM
Watch for signs on right side of road past AGFC Bill Ackerman handicapped access.
We expect to finish no later than noon.

Coffee and donuts will be provided while we are getting our gear ready. We’ll finish the day with with a fish fry/cookout at lunchtime.

Water and Gatorade will be provided.
Please bring waders and sunscreen, shovel, hoe or rake