Mississippi Boys & Brown Trout

Scott Kennedy’s latest White River film is another highly entertaining effort, not withstanding the fact I take up way too much screen time.

But its also a reminder, to me at least, how lucky I am to get to do this stuff, and to enjoy every day. I’ve written here before about how special it is to be able to part of memories being created between fathers & sons, or daughters, grandparents, siblings getting to spend rare and in some cases perhaps the last time they might spend together.

Sunday I got to spend the day with two great friends, Scott and Gus both graduating next week, heading out to college in different states & different lives. We had a good time, actually it was a total hoot, as you can judge from aspects of the video.

The idea was to put Gus, on his first real fly fishing outing, onto some fish and teach him some nymphing. We caught some browns but it wasn’t until late Monday Scotto got the fish he had been looking for, an awesome hook jaw male.

After such a long day fishing with you Gus and I accidentally slept in until 10 on Monday and by the time we got to fishing it had started to rain. We first fished rim shoals where I caught this sucker! Then after lunch Gus said lets go back to rim shoals. I misheard him and accidentally drove us to round house. turned out to be a lucky mistake! I was nymphing, I set the hook and I thought I was hung (rookie mistake). I jerked my rod a couple of times and then the fish started moving slowly. He then threw some massive head shakes and I called to Gus, “dude I think this is a big fish!” After falling in the water, he came over and netted the fish for me. The fight took about five minutes or so. Judging from my net I would recon he was around 23-24.

Scott Kennedy



Till next time guys.



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