Lloyd Wicker Memorial 2-Fly Tournament: June 11


PROJECT HEALING WATERS will hold the third annual Lloyd Wicker Memorial 2-Fly Tournament at Cotter on June 11.

Fly fisher participating will get to use 2 flies, singly or in tandem, in this catch and release fund-raiser for Project Healing Water Oklahoma. Winners will be determined by the combined length of 2 fish, from each of the morning and afternoon sessions.

In keeping with the fun and fund-raising nature of the event  participants will be able to “purchase” the right to change their fly choice, or to buy a minimum score in the case of a fishless session.
The fee wil be $40 per entry, with fly fishers randomly drawn with fishing partners.
This should a a truly fun event, click through to read the rules in detail

A. Teams will consist of two randomly selected participating anglers.
B. The day of fishing will be split into two sessions – A morning session and an afternoon session.
A. Contestants will furnish their own fly fishing equipment. Type of fly rod, reel and fly line is left to the judgment of the individual contestant.
B. The use of fly floatant, lead weight, leaders or any other accessories will be at the discretion of the contestant.
C. No real or artificial fish attractants such as scents are permitted.
The Contest Flies
A. Two (2) Fly Maximum
Each contestant may fish with two (2) different fly patterns during the tournament. They may be fished together or by themselves.
B. Two (2) Pattern Choices
Each contestant will choose the two (2) fly patterns they will use and notify the officials prior to official fishing time so that it may be recorded.
• Two flies of the same pattern may be used even if they vary in size. For example, two Aunt Betty’s Specials size #32 and #18 may be used or even two of Betty’s size #32.
C. Flies
Lead headed jigs or molded head jigs, Clouser Minnows, or flies with dumbbell eyes or bead heads are permissible.
D. Hooks
All flies must be on a single barbless hook or a hook with the barb pushed closed.
E. Different Fly Sizes and Replacements
The contestant may use as many different sizes or replacements of each chosen pattern during the competition day from his own stock. For example, the angler may switch from a size #8 brown conehead to a size #4 brown conehead without cost but he may NOT switch to another color. Change of colors or patterns will incur a donation as detailed in section “F” below.
F. Pattern/Color Changes
Any contestant desiring to change one or both fly patterns during the competition day can purchase the privilege for $25.00, in the form of a donation to PHWFF. The $25 donation purchases one fly pattern change. There will be no limit to the number of switches for “compulsive fly changers” except for their capacity to donate to PHWFF.
G. Lost flies or flies with broken hooks may readily be replaced from the contestant’s personal inventory.
The Scoring
The intent of the TWO FLY scoring system is to minimize the needless handling of any fish caught while retaining the excitement of successfully landing a prized fish.
A. Total Scoring Fish:
• Fish will be scored 1 point per inch. Minimum scoring length is 12 inches.
Only two trout will be scored from the morning and afternoon session (four per day) during the contest.  Each angler is encouraged to continue fishing after selecting his “scored” trout because a scored fish may be replaced under Rule “C” below. If a contestant only chooses to score one trout or fails to land a second scoring fish, he will receive a zero (0) score for the second trout during the fishing session.
B. Scoring Fish
Each contestant will decide whether to score the trout. Only trout meeting or exceeding sixteen (12) inches will receive points.
C. Buying a Mulligan
• The intent of the Mulligan fish substitution is to give the luckless fisherman an opportunity to achieve a minimal scoring addition, increase competition and “flex” your wallet for the beneficiaries.
• Each competitor is entitled to purchase ONE Mulligan per fishing session for a total of 2 Mulligans.
• Each Mulligan will be purchased, in the form of a $10.00 donation to PHWFF.
• A Mulligan fish substitution can only be used for a “non-fish” score (no fish caught and measured).
• The Mulligan will score as if it were a 12 inch fish (12 points).
• The choice to exercise the Mulligan must be done at the end of each fishing session.
• A purchased Mulligan is NOT transferable between teammates nor among other competitors. A used Mulligan will be made known to the officials at the end of the session it is used and will be noted on the Score Card by the official.
D. Releasing Fish
All trout not chosen for scoring will be immediately released; preferably without removing them from the water.
E. Measuring the Fish
All measurements will be performed by the angler. All scoring fish will be measured from their nose to their tail tip compressed to achieve maximum measurement. All trout scored will be rounded down to the nearest whole inch. For example, a 17.75 inch trout will score as a 17 inch trout. The angler will record each trout on an official scoring sheet issued to each angler for the competition. The randomly selected fishing partner must verify the measurement and sign the scorecard.
F. Tie Breaker
In the event more than one angler has the same score upon completion of competition on Saturday at 5:00 pm,  a flip of the coin will be used to determine the winning angler. 

Fishing Procedure
A. Federal and State Rules and Regulations governing the waters to be fished will be strictly observed.
B. Only trout species will be counted for scoring.
C. Foul hooked trout will not be scored and must be returned to the water immediately. Foul hooked fish of any species will NOT be penalized other than fishing time lost to releasing the fish.
D. Hooking a competitor, in the interest of safety, will incur a penalty in the form of a $50.00 donation to PHWFF (a one time penalty per session).
E. Fishing Hours
Saturday morning session: 8:00 am until noon, Afternoon session: 1:00 pm until 4:30 pm
* One hour is allotted for lunch. Official scoring will cease between Noon and 1:00pm.