Edge Rods from Gary Loomis


THE name is unfamiliar, the technology new, but there is something about an unpainted fly rod blank that says Gary Loomis.
It’s almost 20 years since Gary sold off G. Loomis to Shimano, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer and while he never really went away, after winning that battle, the new Edge rods are all his.
TFO, with whom Gary had been working in recent years, is handling all the distribution & warranty work out of their Dallas HQ, so it was an easy addition to our lineup.
So far it is a soft launch easing back into the fly rod market with three “freshwater” actions and 3 for the salt, all made in Gary’s Washington factory.
The saltwater Beta series sticks, or for around here the 6 wt and 8wt would make sweet streamer rods, are what I remember most about the ’90s Loomis sticks, power and speed, but very modern in the hand. There are all 4-piece 9-footers, with a killer ALPS reel seat, with a 10wt to go alongside the two lighter rods.
The Edge Alphas after build for the fresh with an 8’6″ 4wt alongside a 9 for 5wt and 9 for 6wt with a much more laid back casting stroke.

Efficiency is the buzzword with these rods, allowing the graphite to work without hindrance, no paint, no scrim. The recovery rate, (the speed at which the graphite returns to straight) is awesome, as is the dampening, which on the Alpha took me some getting used to. The recovery rate kept telling me to push the rod harder, rather than take a more mellow approach with this moderate action. Chad was intune with the Alphas straight away.  I had a more natural affinity for the power of the Betas.

These rods are seriously worth a cast.
Check out the Edge rods here, then swing by the shop.