Sage PULSE on the Mo’


If you had fished with me in the past couple of weeks, you might have had a shot swinging the Sage Pulse 590-4. It was one of two rods I’d borrowed for Spring to test out from our Sage rep team. It was the only one to survive.

The Bolt 890-4 I reviewed earlier didn’t last more than one fish and one act of dopey. Ok bad timing involving my on roof rod racks, a strong gust of wind and a closing door rendered it a 9 piece.

The Pulse is a lot more low-key than the Bolt, for a start the light olive blank is no where as in your face as the BOLT, and it’s not a cannon either. No the PULSE is unassuming, and indeed at the $450 it could be said to be something of a wall-flower: overshadowed by higher-performing higher priced rods.

On the water, in the hands of neophytes and the very experienced, the PULSE performs the same way: understated, unassuming, it just gets the job done. I spent some time swinging soft hackles, pinging caddis dries and regular bobber nymphing with the rod and it took it all just easy.

In fact it took Mark  Raisler’s video to actually remind me how versatile this rod is, in handling so many trout fishing scenarios. The video is gorgeous for a start and had me thinking about a return to the Missouri and the Headhunters Fly Shop. If you are out that way look them up, great guides, good people good shop.

The PULSE, unlike the Missouri’s dry fly fishing, is probably not going to blow your doors off, if you are a Sage fly rod aficionado, but you  won’t be cursing your decision to bring it along either.

You probably won’t have to think much about your rod at all: you are just fishing.

Come in and cast the Pulse 590 with the crew.