SOWBUG ROUNDUP 2016: Thurs-Saturday


Casting under lights at the Streamer Lovefest back in January _ Kim Frantom image

IT may be the first Sowbug Roundup in April but the 2016 Sowbug Roundup is looking bigger and better than ever.

This year the event runs over three days with over 140 tyers I’m told, some killer classes & seminars (more on that in a bit) and the normal run of serious social events.

We will have our regular booth at the Sowbug venue, at the Showgrounds in Mountain Home, while out at our Cotter location the Sage, RIO & Redington crew of Darin and Steve will be setting up their trailer of goodies, with casting, line testing and much more.

The guys will be running the RIO “Feel The Difference” program, where you can find out for yourself why the innovative InTouch low stretch core has had our guides excited not to mention testing the strength of the  new Powerflex Plus tippet.

As well the guys will be bringing back the Rod Tune-Up program we debuted here in fall in conjunction with the Fly Fishing Fair. The concept is simple: bring along a favorite rod, or perhaps even better the rod you wish worked better and Darin & Steve will help you find RIO flylines to make that rod cast better.

Being able to cast these lines head to head on your rod, and it can be any brand not just a Sage or Redington.

Out at the Show we will be focussing on showing off some of the coolest of the new gear, including the new Simms Intruder Wading boot, that is part of the wet wading package we jointly donated with Simms Fishing to the Sowbug raffle program. There’s also a sweet Sage One package donated by Darin and Steve.

At 1pm Saturday: Chad will be conducting his Streamer Design & Streamer Tips : Details of streamer design and what makes it swim right. How to keep it cast able and what creates the action. Also specifics on how to fish the streamers.

Next up at 2.30pm Saturday  Steve will be giving a brand new Find ‘Em’ & Feed ‘Em’ – Locating Hungry Trout: This popular seminar has been revamped with all-new video unveiling the tricks to finding feeding trout.

At 10.30 am Saturday, Davy Wotton gives his Nymphing Masterclass: Learn the essentials of nymph fishing. Understanding drift and its relation to setting up your system. Understanding the importance of indicators, single and multi hook rigs, fishing at the correct depth in relation to depth and stream speed, reading water and much more.

I’d also love to attend our mate Bill Barksdale’s Taking Your Outdoor Photography Beyond Snapshots seminar at 9am Friday. How to use your camera more effectively to capture exceptional scenes discovered in natural surroundings. Fly fishing adventures take us to some of the world’s most picturesque spots. Sadly, many of us return with only memories of the fish we caught. Using a moderately advanced digital camera, you can produce stunning, artistic images. We will emphasize things like composition and the benefits of controlling aperture, shutter speed and ISO. We will stress the value of taking the camera off Automatic and Program modes. Please bring your cameras and if time and weather permits we will go outside to practice taking pictures.

Check out all the information here