Dally’s Fly Fishing Report, 4-1-16

Jack Curtis with a sweet White River brown fishing with Gabe Levin this week

DOWNUNDER they call it “Blue-A$$ Fly Syndrome”: buzzing around in a flurry of activity, not settling anywhere long enough to do any good.

It doesn’t just apply to fishermen, but it’s certainly applicable to fly fishers in the Ozarks in spring. Where do I go today, the White or the Norfork, or the North Fork of the White, or the lakes. But how about Crooked Creek? White bass or hybrids, are the fish dialled in on the caddis? You know I heard about some crappie on fly, or perhaps a carp.

We are on the cusp of the mayhem of spring, not much firing on all cylinders but just enough to cast some doubt, or perhaps make the decision easier. Since its fly fishing definitive statements, are best follow with an “on the other hand”,

The caddis bugs are certainly being spotted from Cotter down and some sporadic reports are coming in from Norfork. Right now we need good sun and low flows at the right time of day to thicken up the hatch.

It’s a similar story on the White Bass, sporadic action, just waiting for the right flows, and water temps. Crooked Creek is cool and high still, great fun to float but not yet prime to fish.

Which all could fall pretty well for the annual Sowbug Roundup, this year as a one off in April : 14 15 &16. You could pick a lot worse times to come over for a few days entertainment on and off the water.

And now onto the rest of the fishing report.

WHITE RIVER: UP and down like a br….. and up and down some more. Today Bull Shoals went up and down between 1 and 3 units twice before lunch, giving great fodder for the conspiracy theorists among us.

The lower overnight flows open up some windows downstream of Cotter to fish early, then lower flows in the afternoon have a similar effect upstream. Just watch out getting caught in the dirty trashy pushes of water coming downstream.

Run egg and midge combos, like bigger Davy Wotton Super and Whitetail Midges, or Ruby Midges according to water flows. Downstream of Cotter the caddis have been thicker, try Princes deep late in the afternoon.

If you strike a decent number of risers run an E/C Caddis with a Tailwater Soft Hackle in Caddis Green on a dropper.

Streamer fishing has been patchy on these lower flows. Try lighter type 3 lines with Zoo Cougars, Sparkle Minnows, Skulpins and Kreelex’s.

NORFORK: The Norfork had been offering up some sporadic wading in the latter half of the week.

The Crusty Ron has been kicking butt, our flashier synthetic version of the reliable Sunday Special. Run it ahead of Ruby and Rootbeer Midges. We have also heard some sporadic reports of Hot Wire Princes doing well.

Old reliables and egg and worm have been performing on higher flows