Ducking The Rain

The grey days have a beauty all their own: Newlands Hole on the White _ Steve Dally image

There were plenty of jokes around this week over the difference between water resistant and waterproof, and you really wanted to have your raingear around.

While there was some short storms this week where you would learn the difference, I was in one, we appeared to have ducked the bullet this time.

We have been getting a bunch of calls over the impacts of flooding in Arkansas. But its been areas way south of us that have copped the brunt of the rain, from northern Louisiana to Little Rock. Beaver is a foot and a half up into flood pool, but the bigger lakes Table Rock and Bull Shoals didn’t move much at all, less than a foot. Norfork will jump around 9” _ all in all pretty normal spring rains, for our catchment at least. It won’t take much to clear.

On the other hand the warm rain, and shift into warmer temperatures, will start to trigger a few more of the fun things about spring. Caddis coming off on the tailwaters, we have heard of small numbers of egg layers skittering around on dusk.

The redbuds are starting to pop, which together with warmer flows in the lake tributaries means spring bassing. Time to start looking at the Upper White, the North Fork of the White, the James and inflows to the White River system lakes.