Zach Matthews’ Philosophy For Big Fish

David French with a truly big White River brown trout, caught with guide Gabe Levin.


There are in fact things you can do to improve your chances of catching a big fish.  And some of those things may be non-intuitive.  This isn’t going to be your typical ‘throw streamers’ top ten list (although, yes, throwing streamers will help you catch bigger trout).  These are more like life philosophies — observations derived from two decades of trying (and often failing) to pull off the big fish trick.  In most of these cases, I am not speaking about myself — rather, these are things I’ve seen quality anglers do, and thus they are things I consciously try to imitate. Zach Matthews, Itinerant Angler Blog.


Nice read from Zach Matthews on some of the less thought of aspects of chasing trophy trout, and a little shoutout to White River system trophy hunting in there as well. Check it out