Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 3/3/16

Emil Turner and a solid streamer brown

Emil and Barry Turner are regular customers who place high faith in the Dally’s crew to put them onto fish. Nymphing, dries, streamers, smallmouth creeks…..these boys do it all, they enjoy each style of fishing equally well, and they’re always eager to learn more. Today was about getting more comfortable throwing heavy sink tip lines with big flies, both forehand and backhand. The boys performed well, tuned up their casting a bit, and swam 5″ flies in front of a few aggressive White River browns eager to smash and slash.

Barry Turner stuck the first brown of the day

One a preacher and the other a farmer, the boat conversation can range from dirt to dogma, but the good spirit this pair carries with them to the water usually results in a successful day. Today’s quality browns were a just reward for solid effort. Well done once again fellas.

-Gabe Levin

Emil almost let this one get away before rallying to the finish

A couple more pics from the week’s streamer fishing courtesy of Steve Dally:

Alex Lafkas, Jason Loyd, and Fred the brown trout enjoy a laugh together. Steve Dally image.
“See Ya!” Steve Dally image.

White River:

The water release projection shows zero generation for a period of time tomorrow, although it showed the same for today, but that schedule did not become reality. So I’m not sure what to make of the projection at the moment, but it’s possible that dramatic changes in flow could be in the near future. The pattern for the past week however has been minor fluctuations between 7-9k cfs for the majority of the time, with some spikes as high as 13k cfs. This is all still good flow for streamer fishing with big flies like Schmidt’s Double Deceivers, Lynch’s DDs and DDDs, Fatheads, Sex Dungeons, and a plethora of other choices. Much of this water can be nymphed effectively too, and with several caddis spotted already, it isn’t too early to start thinking about Prince Nymphs, Green Copper Johns, and the wide variety of caddis pupa imitations available at the shop.

Norfork River:

Low flows are offering a sanctuary for wade fishermen, and the fish are still in their usual places even after all the floodwater. Egg patterns still make a great attractor especially in stained water, and are deadly when trailed by the midge or scud of your choice. Picky trout should be approached carefully and targeted with simple patterns like black/silver Zebras, Ruby and Root Beer midges, small Wotton Whitetail midges, Trout Crack, olive or tan Hunchback scuds. The windows of flow at one unit are perfect for drift fishing from a boat.

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