Rising Stellar Scissors


A new pair of scissors for your tying desk wouldn’t seem like that big a deal until you find a pair that fit, feel good and just work.

I have been through umpteen pairs over the years from expensive tungsten carbide to those cute and cheap tiny Solingens, from heavy shears to cheezy pharmacy nail scissors.  Many have been lost dropped, had points ruined on concrete floors or blades notched by wildful abuse _ when you are production tying a wire bodied fly it seemed like a small price to pay.

Dr Slick All Purpose blades have been my go to a nice compromise between cutting power, small tips and feel plus affordability.

It was the look of the Stellar in a photo that first attracted my interest: I have always like the Razor style scissors and the glossy black finish just looked cool. Then I tied with them for the first time at the Lovefest and they have quickly become a favorite.

These feel solid, are the first to hand despite the black color, perhaps they just stand out amid the myriad bucktails, marabou and synthetics on my desk at this time of year, and they fit. I like a scissor my mid-size hands can envelop, I’m the same with bobbins: it seems easier, faster and cleaner when it’s hand sized working in small spaces.

And I really dig the Rising custom machining on the tip with a smooth curved taper which was added to make the scissors better in and around small flies. But it’s also perfect for placing the final loop on finger whip finishes.

Give these a try