Spring Is ….. Springing


Daffodils blooming on a bank below Wildcat _ Steve Dally image

It doesn’t seem right, even this later in February, to be seeing the signs of spring, bugs, buds and flowers, but true enough.

After a couple of brutal and late winters a mild one isn’t too bad, and with the flows dropping, and after March 5 should drop further, its time to shift over to our normal spring fishing.

If you aren’t much of a streamer fisher, like to nymph and wade, or float in the lower flows the back half of 2015 and early 2016 have been pretty brutal. But on the other hand the speed with which the December deluge was dumped means you have a better shot of good water and good fishing through March and April. Jump on it if you want to book a trip.

The other thing the streamer bite this winter has illustrated is the phenomenal number of 18″ to 22″ browns in the river system, which is going to mean some crazy good caddis action. These fish will rise to an adult caddis too if we get the flows and the bugs in sync.

The caddis were late, way late in 2015 which has me wondering if they will be as early as the other signs of spring we are seeing. The buds popping on the trees, daffodils on the banks and the mosquito which flew into my ear floating this week.

The bats are out hunting their dinner on the wing, and so are the skunks as my drifter trailer will attest.

 Temperatures are supposed to run in the high 50s and 60s through March, and with flows dropping, we should start seeing some low flows soon. Beaver Lake flood pool is set to be empty around March 5 which should trigger another significant drop, once that water is flushed through the system.

Looks like being a great spring so get tying.