Angler Tom McGraw and guide Brock Dixon with a new standard on what is possible on a streamer _ Brock Dixon pic.

There are landmark moments in everyone’s life, and if you chuck streamers for entertainment Tom McGraw gave us one yesterday.

I was there in January 2011 when Gabe Levin scored the previous mark a 15 lb male that stretched the tape at 32 inches with a 19 inch girth, the eat about a fly rod length from my astounded face. I probably had the same astounded look yesterday, when I looked at my phone and found the pic above.

For the record, and Tom’s fish about doubled Gabe’s previous mark was 36.5″ and 24″ which puts it over 27lbs. But it now sets a new target for every streamer fisher on the White River system.

I spoke with Brock last night, who admitted he was more nervous after landing the fish, worrying in the aftermath “what if I’d lost that fish” _ you might have to guide to get it.

The trout, which ate one of Brock’s ties of a double deceiver, on 15 lb test, didn’t really wake up, coming to the surface and being netted in an estimated 15 seconds. It couldn’t have come to a better guy either. I enjoyed a day with Tom last winter,.he is a regular with the Michigan crew organized by Tommy Lynch who keep Chad Johnson & Alex Lafkas, plenty busy with assistance from guys like Brock, Gabe Levin, & myself. Brock has his own guide service but is one of those good guys we are more than happy to book when needed.

Tom and I had a shot at a potential double figure fish, but both of us probably remember the fun more than that _ he is good people. Brock told me Tom also lost a giant last year in the same spot he landed yesterday’s fish.

There will be plenty of entertainment in the Cotter Firehouse tonight, where the group are staying, but the rest of us can sit and wonder who is next. For a long time we wondered whether Gabe’s mark would be beaten, there were plenty of big fish pushing the mark.

There was also that late night conversation as to whether one of the truly big fish which inhabit the river system, like the bait guides occasionally find, would ever succumb to a streamer, 25 lb, 30 lb or bigger.

This summer, not long after Becca was monstered by a huge fish, I heard a tale of a 25lb brown caught by a conventional tackle guide client, which had a Double Deceiver in its mouth. We never found out who had lost this fish, but it started talk anew of what was possible. Were the monsters really big and lazy “couch feeders” or would they eat an active streamer.

Tom and Brock found out today.

The only question is “Who is next?”