Davy Wotton’s SLF Trans Caddis


Bull Shoals Lake is coming down fast and with temperatures scheduled to hit 70 later this week, its time to shake off the gloom of winter and start thinking caddis.

Bull is dropping a  foot a day, and by this time next week should be out of flood stage. Cold weather through spring in 2014 and 2015, delayed the caddis hatches by up to a month so if the early warmup continues this year we may see caddis back in March, even if its late in the month.

One of our favorite caddis patterns is of course Davy Wotton’s SLF Trans Caddis, with a bead or without. You need a stash of these.

This really is one of my favorite videos from our White River Fly Tying Video Series. Davy left both Brian and myself as babbling idiots. If you haven’t seen his super fast split thread dubbing technique you will be astounded.

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