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Bruce Petray, Chad Johnson and Bill Thorne enjoying some streamer time _ Steve Dally image


BIG FLY streamer fishing, the big fly big rod version, gets labeled as a young person’s game, all brawn and no subtlety, just “banging the banks”

Real streamer fishing is visual, from the dance of the fly to the buttery flash of a “drive-by” and it’s intellectual as you are constantly analyzing the water and structure to find the honey pots. Streamer fishing is mentally and physically challenging, requiring instant decisions and endurance.

Knowing your game, as well as the fishes is way more important than a booming cast and no brains. If you want to streamer fish longer and better here is how.


Late last year I was invited to contribute an article to the Flymen Fishing Co Blog. Since Flymen are the company behind popular tying products like Baitfish Heads,  Skulpin Helmets, shanks and more streamer tactics seemed logical_ Read On Big streamer fly fishing- Beyond banging the banks

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  • Steve:
    Maybe I am reading more into the first 3 paragraphs than you really meant to say, but … I read that I am an intelligent, analytical, and physically efficient fisher-person. Naw, that can’t be what you meant … maybe?

    Anyway, excellent article, well worth reading and rereading!

    The Eclectic Hillbilly

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