Kelly Galloup: The Promised Land


Kelly Galloup tight on a White River brown with Dudley and Alex Lafkas offering support 

It didn’t take Kelly Galloup long at all _ I had the lens on him for all of 20 seconds and he was hooked up. Of course this prompted all form of ribald commentary from the peanut gallery of Levin, Lafkas and Dally.

I did manage to point out as well that I was actually trying to take picture of Kelly’s new pup Dudley who looked even more intent on proceedings than Kelly and Alex.

There was snow on the ground, and ice on the roads, 29,000 cfs in the river  but dang it we were going fishing. Kelly of course is down for a week of fishing, a tying class this Sunday and for the Streamer Lovefest on January 30.

It was fun float, with 2 boats leap frogging each other, sharing info on flies and tactics. Low key funny and fishy. Browns were caught, none huge but regular activity, a great shake down with Alex introducing Kelly to high flows on the White.




9.30-4.30 $110 8 people max. This is a class best for advanced tyers.

A full day with the Godfather of Modern Streamers, learning his latest patterns and techniques. Kelly is always super-informative and loves sharing knowledge. He remains at the forefront of streamer design, with a host of new patterns being released this season. Take the class stay ahead of the game.

Bring your own vice, light and tools. Materials included.

Kelly Galloup’s 1999 book on modern streamer tactics ignited a movement and he remains at the forefront of streamer design. Kelly’s class on January 24 will be focusing on some of his new patterns released this winter and which will form part of his new streamer book due to be published in 2016.